In truth, the school system serves as nothing but a source of dishonesty and lies. It may seem an effort to educate and ensure knowledge, but in truth it is and has only ever been an insidious attempt to plant lies so deep in your head the very notion they could be false is offensive. Take the idea of math, for example. Math as a whole is a way of quantifying things, and it is considered absolute, concrete, accurate. But can it be? For instance, if we are to take “two” objects- such as bagels- supposedly, we now have two bagels. But, what constitutes a bagel? If the bagel is ripped in half, is it half a bagel? And if so, what of a bagel that is half the size of the other, but is still full?
You may think, “Well, that is what measurements are for,” and take out your ruler to quantify an absolute again. But those measurements only exist because we said they did. In truth, an inch or a centimeter has no more absolute meaning in terms of length then measuring by bagels or mountainlengths, we just decided some things have meaning and some don’t. So, what you really learned is not a concrete version of the world, but a way of perceiving it.
Take another idea, language. In Alejandro “Jonny” Coto’s piece The Origin Of Falsehoods, he states:
“To view language as anything with meaning is to view dolls as living beings. We gave them those meanings, as children give life to dolls through imagination. Languages are just noises we needed to survive- to tell if a predator was nearby, or not to eat something- but now it has become its own ‘identity.’ But if we were to agree on it, anything could have just as much meaning as any word in an existing language. If we agreed that, for instance, jiondaliozkytz meant a feeling of incredible hollowness, that is as much a meaningful use of language as the very phrase it is defined as.”
If we cannot trust the very foundation of learning itself, how are we to trust the ideas presented? What is stopping us from being lied to? How can we know to trust? The simple answer is you cannot. All we are taught is perception, not reality.
Do you want to learn the reality?